Karuizawa is located at the foot of Mount Asama (2,560m) at a height of approximately 1000m above sea level.  Karuizawa has a proud history as a prominent summer resort going back 120 years, when it became a popular escape where wealthy people from Tokyo built summer houses.  It takes only an hour from Tokyo by the Nagano Shinkansen.  This historically and culturally significant location, initially made popular by foreigners and upper class and wealthy Japanese, has become a well-loved destination visited by 850,000 tourists of all kinds each year.  With it’s unbeatable and harmonious combination of rich and bountiful nature punctuated by tree-lined roads, clear streams and summer houses, historical resort hotels and shopping streets, ubiquitous churches and museums, and plenty of cafes and restaurants in which to rest and recharge, Karuizawa offers you a one-of-a-kind exhilarating experience you will not find anywhere else.